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Bursa Malaysia on Investment Scam Alert

Dear CGS-CIMB clients,

Bursa Malaysia had noted an increase in the reports of investment scams and aware of the scammers misuse the Bursa Malaysia name and logo, as well as misrepresenting themselves as employees of the Exchange. Other recent scams include using names and photographs of Bursa Malaysia's top management to entice members of the public to invest in unauthorised investment schemes.

Bursa Malaysia continues to urge members of the public to be wary and alert of investment scams and had on 16 March 2023 issued a Media Release on "Bursa Malaysia" Cautions Investors Against Investment Scams - Emphasises Digital Awareness As Scams Get More Sophisticated.

16Mar_2023_Bursa_Malaysia_Cautions_Investors_against_Investment_Scams_.pdf ( refer to attached link for further details.

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