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Home » Latest Notice » Weekly Market Insights (7 August 2017)
Weekly Market Insights (7 August 2017)

SG Sector Note


Tech manufacturing services sector - All hail private equity

§  Fischer Tech Ltd announced that it has received a cash offer of S$3.02 per share from US-based private equity firm Platinum Equity Advisors.

§  On the SGX are four plastic injections moulding specialists including Fischer Tech.

§  We highlight the possible valuation range for two of the companies that we cover, Memtech and Sunningdale, as a benchmark against this offer.

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US Market Insights

Weekly Stock Spotlight: Salesforce

Ticker Symbol: CRM
Founded: 3 Feb 1999
Market Cap: $64.5B
2016 Rev.: $8.4B(FY Ending Jan 31, 2017)

Employees: 25,178 (2017)
Founders: Marc Benioff, Parker Harris
HQ: The Landmark, San Francisco, CA, USA

 Lesson from a Billionaire: David Einhorn

"Both poker and investing are games of incomplete information. You have a certain set of facts and you are looking for situations where you have an edge is psychological or statistical."

David Einhorn founded Greenlight Capital in 1996 alongside Jeffrey Keswin. He is often recognized for his short selling strategy and has generated an average 20% in annualized returns for investors. Einhorn is a huge poker player, in the past he has participated in the World Series of Poker and came in 18th place. He still plays today with buy-ins as large as $1 million, usually donating his winnings to charity. Einhorn is well known as announcing short calls that have far-ranging influences in the investing world.

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i*Trade@CIMB Analysis Chart

You can use our interactive charting tools to analyse global stocks. It shows a visual representation of a stock's historical and current performance in an interactive way.

Key Features:

·         Line, bar, candlestick and mountain charts

·         Comparison of stocks

·         Drawing and zooming

·         Supports 77 indicators

·         Exporting and printing

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