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Home » Latest Notice » Intraday Short Selling is now available on i*Trade@CIMB
Intraday Short Selling is now available on i*Trade@CIMB


Introduction of Intraday Short Selling (IDSS)



You can now ‘sell first’ and ‘buy back’ later on the same trading day.



Effective 27th August 2018.



There are only 3 simple steps to trade IDSS* with i*Trade@CIMB:-





Sign and execute the following:

·    IDSS Application Form

·    Accept the IDSS’s Terms & Conditions (IDSS T&C)

·    Sign and accept T&C of IDSS Risk Disclosure Statement (“RDS”)

·    Securities Borrowing & Lending Agreement (“SBL”)

Submit the IDSS Application Form, IDSS T&C, RDS & SBL Agreement to your Dealer Representative (“DR”)

·   Online Trading: Execute IDSS in i*Trade@CIMB platform.

·   Offline Trading: Contact your DR to place IDSS order.



*Important: The above subject to the IDSS’s Terms and Conditions. You are advised to have full understanding of the requirements of IDSS before engaging in the same including the potential risks.


You may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) enclosed herewith for a better understanding of IDSS.


Contact your DR to activate your IDSS today.

If you do not have an i*Trade@CIMB account, please call 03-22610888 to open an account.



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