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Notice of Shariah Non-Compliant IPO as per SAC of Securities Commission


Please note that the following Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are Shariah non-compliant securities as per Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission (SAC of the SC):
1. YX Precious Metals Berhad (YXPM/0250)
2. Unitrade Industries Berhad (UNITRAD/0247)
3. Orgabio Holdings Berhad (ORGABIO/0252)
4. Infoline Tec Group Berhad (INFOTEC/0253)
5. Ecoscience International Berhad (EIB/0255)
6. UMediC Group Bhd (UMC/0256)
7. AGMO Holdings Bhd (AGMO/0258)
8. PT Resources Holdings Bhd (PTRB/0260)
9. Cosmos Technology International Berhad (COSMOS/0261)
10. ECA Intergrated Solution Berhad (ECA/0267)
11. Wellspire Holdings Berhad (WELLS/0271)
12. Cape EMS Berhad (CEB/5311)
13. Oppstar Berhad (OPPSTAR/0275)

If you are trading including selling the allotted securities from IPO subscription using Islamic Services trading account, as advised by the SAC of the SC, you have the right to retain only the investment cost and are required to channel the net capital gain to Baitumal/Charity.
Kindly refer to the Securities Commission Malaysia’s website on List of Shariah-Compliant Securities at sub-topic on Shariah non-compliant securities for detail.

Cosmos Technology International Berhad (COSMOS/0261)
Cosmos Technology International Berhad (COSMOS/0261)

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