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Bonds are instruments issued by corporations or governments to meet their financing needs.
2. Retail Bonds are normally considered a safe choice and is issued with a credit rating from RAM or MARC.

You receive an agreed-upon interest which is usually higher than  fixed deposit rates, at a pre-determined frequency until maturity.

4. At maturity, you receive the face value of the bond papers.
5. You also have the flexibility to redeem your investments any time, subject to market prices.
1. Tenure
Long dated ranging from 10 years to perpetual bonds.
2. Potential Interest
Varies from one issue to another. Coupon is usually fixed and paid semi-annually
3. Min Investment Account
RM250,000 (in further multiples of RM50,000)
21 years old & above.
Malaysian or Permanent Resident or non-Permanent Resident (with work permit) .
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