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Unit Trust

Unit trusts are collective investment schemes where investors with similar objectives pool their resources together to gain better synergy and investment opportunities through a professional fund manager.
Your money is diversified into various instruments such as equities, bonds and money market instruments according to the fund’s objectives.

Unit trusts offer a convenient way to gain exposure into different investment opportunities ranging from local to regional or global markets, which can potentially bring you higher returns compared to traditional deposits.

1. Tenure
Recommended Investment Timeframe: Medium to long term.
2. Potential Interest
Returns are based on the performance of funds, which varies from fund to fund.
3. Min Investment Account
Initial Investment: *RM1,000
Subsequent Investment: *RM100 – RM200
*Varies according to funds.
18 years old & above.
Malaysian or Permanent Resident or non-Permanent Resident (with work permit).
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